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Kristina Ramlan

Applied Strategic Management

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Embarking on a corporate transformation requires an effective leadership to build the underlying str...

Цена: 4 376 руб.

David Butler

Enterprise Planning and Development: small business and enterprise start-up survival and growth

Enterprise Planning and Development outlines the options and risks involved in setting up a business...

Цена: 6 880 руб.

James Caan

Get the Life You Really Want


It is possible to get the life you really want. You just need to change the way you think. ln the th...

Цена: 243 руб.

How to Start a Freight Brokerage Business: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Success

Book DescriptionA freight brokerage business is simple to start. You don?t need any specialized educ...

Цена: 3 312 руб.

Fannie Flagg

I Still Dream About You


Meet Maggie Fortenberry. Her life seems pretty much perfect - she's beautiful, charming and successf...

Цена: 691 руб.

Nneka .M. Okoye

Internationalization of a UK SME into an Asian Country

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Globalization offer internationalization opportunity for Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) i...

Цена: 4 376 руб.

Mary Christensen, Wayne Christensen

Make Your First Million in Network Marketing: Proven Techniques You Can Use to Achieve Financial Success

Starting a network marketing business is ideal for people who want to set their own hours and choose...

Цена: 1 642 руб.

Marketing Finance : Turning Marketing Strategies into Shareholder Value

Building on the author's previous book, Financial Aspects of Marketing, Marketing Finance stresses t...

Цена: 5 068 руб.

Johnstone Mulenga Ipalo

Reprogramming Your Mind

Blessed Hope Publishing

As a man thinks so he is! Your mind is what controls and dictate the quality of your entirely life. ...

Цена: 2 280 руб.

Doug Dvorak

Sales 3.0 The New Cont@ct Sport(TM): How to Use and Leverage Social Media Marketing for Small Business Sales Success

Sales 3.0 The New Cont@ct Sport™ How to Use and Leverage Social Media Marketing for Small Business S...

Цена: 2 119 руб.

Alex Ritchie, Natalie Campbell

Starting a Business in 7 Simple Steps

HarperCollins Publishers

So you've thought about starting a business, but how do you get started? This book breaks it down in...

Цена: 230 руб.

Paul Barrow

The Successful Business Plan


The Successful Business Plan

Цена: 2 093 руб.

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