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Consumers and Services

Маркетинг. Общие вопросы. Consumers and Services

Mark Gabbott, Gillian Hogg

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Increasing attention has been paid in recent years to the marketing of services. This has been prompted by a recognition that services are an increasingly important sector of the economy and that they require a different approach to marketing. Consumers and Services approaches service marketing from a consumer perspective and draws together current understanding of service consumption from both an academic and practitioner point of view. This groundbreaking book is the first serious attempt to look at buyer behaviour in service sector industries and is suitable for graduate and advanced undergraduate students enrolled in consumer behaviour and service marketing courses. This unique book features a synthesis of current literature in the areas of consumer behaviour and services marketing a number of sectoral case studies which examine buyer behaviour in service industries, i.e., tourism, finance, charities, professional, health and retail internationally authored cases from...

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