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It's Just Shopping

Маркетинг. Общие вопросы. It's Just Shopping

Lauren Freedman

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It?s Just Shopping is a critical history lesson and an essential how-to for merchants, marketers, technologists and educators interested in successful online selling. It provides an insider look at shopping online via 7 straightforward modules that delve into today?s multi-channel world. In 10 years time B2C Internet sales have grown from 0 to $33 billion. This is the first book to examine its evolution from the perspective of the merchant and the shopper. Written by Lauren Freedman and published by The Direct Marketing Association, it is a "Hitchhikers Guide to E-commerce", abundant with lessons from a time when there was no roadmap. Case studies examine best-of-breed strategies currently being employed. Proven checklists plus tips and techniques with bottom-line thinking provide actionable pointers that merchants can apply to enhance their merchandising strategies. The evolution of The Changing Channels, from retail to catalogs, demonstrates that...

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