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Marketing Logistics (Chartered Institute of Marketing (Paperback))

Маркетинг. Общие вопросы. Marketing Logistics (Chartered Institute of Marketing (Paperback))

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This interface is being recognized by business organizations as a key priority for management, and both practitioners and academics alike have placed a greater emphasis on the need to view the supply chain as a whole as the vehicle by which competitive advantage is achieved. As well as drawing upon current research and the experience of firms worldwide, Marketing Logistics uses numerous 'mini-cases' and vignettes to illustrate the key messages in each chapter and bring the theory to life. This book is an invaluable resource for managers who seek to understand more about the way in which the supply chain should be managed to improve their organization's competitive position, as well as students undertaking degree-level courses in marketing, logistics and supply chain management. * Builds on the success of the first edition * Incorporates new Customer Service element, in line with current thinking * Contains a full range of industry examples offering...

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