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Channel Advantage, The

Маркетинг. Общие вопросы. Channel Advantage, The

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'The Channel Advantage' deals with one topic, and deals with it comprehensively and rigorously: how to construct a sales channel system that will yield world-class sales performance and durable competitive advantage. This book helps readers move decisively away from the notion of channel strategy as a sideline to the core business. Building a channel advantage is the core business today, and this is an essential text and reference for all serious marketing and sales professionals and students. Channel innovation is separating market winners from market losers, and not just in leading-edge technology industries. In a business world where industry players are selling practically the same products at essentially the same prices at about the same cost, the only real source of sustainable competitive advantage is the sales channel: how you sell, not what you sell. Selling becomes a question of how to connect products with customers via the best mix of sales channels: the sales...

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