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In vitro studies of a new lipase of Bacillus

Генетика. Микробиология. In vitro studies of a new lipase of Bacillus

Dr Rajeev Kaushal and Dr S.S. Kanwar

Тип продукции:

Год выхода: 2011 г.

Производитель/Издатель: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Наличие: Отгружается в течение двух недель

Lipases (E.C. of bacterial origin have been extensively screened and characterized due to their multifold advantages i.e. easy availability, bulk production, thermal stability, optimal performance in organic synthesis and amenability to molecular/ meta-genomic approaches.Lipases are indispensable for the bioconservation of lipids (triacylglycerol). They catalyze both the hydrolysis as well as synthesis of esters formed from glycerol and long chain fatty acids . These reactions usually proceed with higher regio- and/ or enantio-selectivity, thus making lipase an important biocatalyst in organic chemistryThis book will provide an insight into recent advancements and comparative account of novel lipase of Bacillus coagulans . The present book is divided into five chapters and each chapter describes production,purification, characterisation, immobilizations and its potential applications in detail. this book has been written for postgraduate biotechnology students and mainly for...

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