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Adobe Illustrator 10 Training for Windows by Keyko

Adobe Illustrator. Графический редактор (векторный). Adobe Illustrator 10 Training for Windows by Keyko

Thierry Tonnellier

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Master Adobe Illustrator 10 in 24 hours for just $59.95 Adobe Illustrator 10 tutorial by Keyko comes with 3 CD- ROMs, 12 Chapters, 207 lessons, 2375 steps fully detailed. This Adobe Illustrator 10 tutorial is unique and easy to learn, you cannot find easier way to learn than this Adobe Illustrator 10 tutorial at only $59.95 With these 3 interactive CD-ROMs, beginners can learn how to use the powerful productivity features of the new Adobe Illustrator 10. As a novice you can also acquire important tips that will improve your efficiency. This training is focused on the easy and quick minded integration. It's built from the best professional computer training classes, so it allows you to learn at your pace the best knowledge available at only a fraction of usual class cost. These interactive CD-ROMs are written to make your journey flexible and self-paced. Keyko has created unique learning solution on CD-ROMs that can help anyone get comfortable with computer...

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