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Offices DesignSource

Интерьер квартиры, дома. Offices DesignSource

Ana G. Canizares

Тип продукции:

Год выхода: 2005 г.


Наличие: На складе

Book Description Offices DesignSource presents a comprehensive selection of offices that embody the current revolution in architecture and interior design. The innovative spaces displayed here are characterized by flexible and dynamic floor plans that can be adapted to multiple purposes and functions, yet workers can still carry out their duties in comfort and with efficiency. The spaces featured here range from large corporate buildings designed by architects such as Frank O. Gehry and Richard Meier, smaller projects headed by recognized firms like Claesson Koivisto Rune and Klein Dytham, to offices integrated into domestic spaces by talented young designers. No matter what size space you're designing for, Offices DesignSource provides awealth of ideas to help you create the perfect office.

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