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Общие работы по садоводству. Peonies

Allan Rogers

Тип продукции:

Год выхода: 2004 г.

Производитель/Издатель: Timber Press

Наличие: В течение недели

Страниц: 384 стр.

Переплет: Мягкая обложка

Al Rogers has been growing peonies since childhood, and this book represents more than 60 years' experience. Peonies are treasured by gardeners for their longevity, lush foliage, rich fragrance, and landscape uses. Captured within these pages are not only the flavor, charm, and history of the peony and its hybridizers but also expert information about the genus Paeonia and its many cultivars. The species are discussed, and from the thousand-odd listed cultivars of both tree and herbaceous peonies, Rogers singles out the truly superior for recommendation, along with some introductions that show great promise. Enthusiastic amateurs and professionals alike will be thrilled with the complete and detailed information supplied in Peonies — an important book for any gardener's library.

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