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An Officer and a Spy

Исторические детективы. An Officer and a Spy

Robert Harris

Тип продукции:

Год выхода: 2014 г.

Производитель/Издатель: Arrow Books

Наличие: На складе

Страниц: 624 стр.

Формат: 110x180

Переплет: Мягкая обложка

They lied to protect their country. He told the truth to save it. A gripping historical thriller from the bestselling author of FATHERLAND. January 1895. On a freezing morning in the heart of Paris, an army officer, Georges Picquart, witnesses a convicted spy, Captain Alfred Dreyfus, being publicly humiliated in front of twenty thousand spectators baying "Death to the Jew!" The officer is rewarded with promotion: Picquart is made the French army's youngest colonel and put in command of "the Statistical Section" - the shadowy intelligence unit that tracked down Dreyfus. The spy, meanwhile, is given a punishment of medieval cruelty: Dreyfus is shipped off to a lifetime of solitary confinement on Devil's Island - unable to speak to anyone, not even his guards, his case seems closed forever. But gradually Picquart comes to believe there is something rotten at the heart of the Statistical Section. When he discovers another German spy...

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