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Performance Evalution of Wireless Local Area Networks

Компьютерные сети. Интранет, корпоративные сети. Performance Evalution of Wireless Local Area Networks


Тип продукции:

Год выхода: 2011 г.

Производитель/Издатель: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Наличие: Отгружается в течение двух недель

Страниц: 76 стр.

Wireless technology is growing rapidly due to its low cost nature and ease-of-use. We are familiar with radio and phones that use wireless technology. There are many more possible practical applications for wireless and many developments are continuously taking place in this field. Similarly, the use of wireless local area network too is playing significant role in the businesses to aid and distribute the data flow between computer systems and business systems. Unfortunately, there are a number of limitations within the WLAN technology that hinders its optimum performance. The research reported in this book analyses the performance of WLAN under various conditions and scenarios such as using networks having low and light and heavy loads and, with or without RTS/CTS mechanism. The networks were then implemented and their performance characteristics evaluated using simulation models. This research provides many remarkable findings.

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