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Tourism Local Systems and Networking (Advances in Tourism Research)

Elsevier Science. Tourism Local Systems and Networking (Advances in Tourism Research)

Тип продукции:

Год выхода: 2006 г.


Наличие: Отгружается в течение трех недель

Страниц: 262 стр.

Переплет: Твердый переплет

This book focuses on the role of networking, cooperation and partnership in destination management in response to the changing environment of the tourism industry. Firms and institutions are nowadays required to implement drastic management changes: they must adopt a systemic approach and become actively involved in formal and informal networks in order to increase efficiency and product quality, to gain a sustainable edge and face the competitive context. The work is dedicated to deepening the topics of the "Networking and Tourism Local System" session of the 12th ATLAS 2004 Annual Conference, "Networking & Partnership in Destination Development & Management", held in Naples. From a theoretical point of view, the papers included herein relate to two macro reference areas: applied economics and managerial sciences. The analysis range from national to local levels and focus on strategies, policies, and project experiences. Several cases from different...

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