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Physiological studies in a valuable medicinal plant-Noni (Morinda sps) Non-Timber Forest Products of Andhra Pradesh
Biomass Production of Cenchrus ciliaris Micropropagation studies on some Rare medicinal Plants
Effect of heavy metals on Growth and Biochemical components of plants Pollen Diversity of Osmanabad (India)
Control of Soil-Borne Pathogens in Chilli of Sindh-Pakistan Scavenging Evaluation of Pb & Cu During In Vitro Growth of Tulsi
Salicylic Acid and Environmental Stress Ecofriendly Management of Meloidogyne incognita
Medicinal Plants of Dir Valley, Pakistan Evaluation of Wheat Genotypes for Drought Tolerance
Chemical remediation studies for Al-induced toxicity in crop plants Plastome Engineering
Sustainable transgenic cotton-wheat system Food and Medicinal Value of Aquatic Plant Diversity
Medical plants of Rushan district, GBAO, Tajikistan Ecological Investigations of Different Municipal Drains
Biology,Phytochemistry & In vitro propagation of C.macroptera(Satkara) Medicine Hunting in Mandakini valley
Flora of Ibb Systematic and Ethnopharmacognostic Evaluation of Medicinal Plants
Ethnopharmacological Studies of Some Selected Spices Response of chickpea to plant growth regulators
Leaf Rust Resistance genes in wheat Phytoremediation for Wastewater Management
Sugarcane Affected by Salinity, Potash fertilizer and Organic manures Phyto-ecology and Ethnobotany of Weeds
Improvement of salt tolerance in sugarcane by tissue culture Phytotoxicity and Phytoremediation of Zn and Cd
Molecular Basis of Drought Tolerance In Helianthus annus Betelvine (Piper Betle L.)
Prosopis cineraria - A Kalpvarksha Tree of Indian Desert Nutrient Management Strategies for Production of Linseed
Effect of Wastewater on Growth and Productivity of Okra Plant Anthocyanins: An Overview
Induced cytomorphological variations in Lens culinaris Ethnobotany
Improvement of Strawberry Varieties Adaptive to Bangladesh Condition Cytotoxic and essential oil studies on members of Myrtaceae
Diversity of Grasses in Balaghat District, Central India Production & Evaluation of Transgenic Lettuce with an Aphidicidal Gene
Piperales: A Systemic Validation and Generation of Markers Micropropagation status & biochemical profiling of Hemidesmus & Rubia
Taxonomy of Green Algae from North-Eastern Areas of Pakistan-I. Growth Performance Of Medicinal Plants In Salt Stress Conditions
Molecular studies on induction of genetic variation Impact of waterlogging on Jatropha curcas L. (biodiesel plant)
The influence of culture regimes Ethnomedicine from Srikakulam district, Andhra Pradesh, India
The Genus Aconitum Euryale ferox and its medicinal value
Understanding Plant processes through Proteomics Physiological Screening of Landraces of Rice in Kumaun Himalaya
Characterization of penicillin effects in Mungbean Seed Priming
Research Techniques to Explore the Potential of Ectomycorrhizas Biotic Potential and the Abiotic Stress
Anticancerous Alkaloids of Catharanthus roseus Pharmacognostical studies on some selected medicinal plants
The Genus Ficus Mineral Nutrition of Turmeric (Curcuma longa L.)
An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Dry Flower Taxonomic Studies of Aquatic Plants in Hazara Division, Pakistan
MONOGRAPH OF FAMILY ACANTHACEAE FROM MUMBAI, WESTERN INDIA Morpho-palynological Studies Of Solanaceous Plants From Abbottabad
MEDICINAL PLANTS Folk Veterinary Medicinal Plants of Sikkim Himalayas
Performance of winter maize (Zea mays L.) Early Blight Disease of Tomato
Chickpea Agronomy Pollen morphology of Ericaceae and its systematic significance
Impact of Automobile Pollutants on Plants Water Transport in Schefflera arboricola
Response of Maize Hybrids to Exogenous Boron Supply Role of brassinosteroids in the amelioration of cadmium stress
CROSSABILITY OF NERICAs (New Rice for Africa) Characterization of polyphenols in desiccation tolerant plants
Role of proline and salicylic acid in overcoming the stress of cadmium Response of client oriented rice genotypes
Ethnobotanical knowledge of Adilabad district, Andhra Pradesh A morphological, anatomical and taxonomic study of Umbelliferae in Egypt
Morphogenetic and Biochemical Studies during Organogenesis in Callus Adaptation of Ethiopian barley landraces to drought stress conditions
Tejpat - the Indian Bay Leaves Boron Requirement of Mungbean
Plant Genetic Resources of Rema-Kalenga Wildlife Sanctuary Morphogenetic and Biochemical Studies
Increasing Crop Production Via K Spray, The Cheapest Way To Prosperity Weed Allelopathy
Diagnosis and Management of Floral Crop Diseases: A Practical Guide Effects of Heavy Metals on Productivity of Cereals
Nutritional Value of Mung Bean and Mash Bean of Pakistan ATP-Sulfurylase: Significance in Plant Tolerance to Salinity Stress
Mycobiota of Ropalidia marginata paper nests and lipase production Maize (Zea mays L.)
Principles of Plant Systematics SOD and Catalase activity during in vitro morphogenesis of C. bicolor
Wheat-Weed Competition Conocimiento tradicional, predictores climaticos y diversidad genetica
Wild Banana of Sarawak The Oedogoniales of Jammu (J&K), India
Multivariate approach to kernel development in Indian Rice landraces STUDY OF GENETIC DIVERGENCE FOR YIELD DETERMINANTS IN Cicer arietinum
Soil Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorus in Semi-Arid Savannas of Kenya Compromising Expensive NPK with Cheapest FYM
How to Execute Joint Forest Management Programme Sustainable? Micropropagation and Somatic Embryogenesis in Garlic
Tropical Bamboo: Molecular Profiling and Genetic Diversity Study Effect of plant growth regulators and phytonutrients on Pyrethrum
Breeding forage crops for yield and quality Agricultural Studies On Sugar Beet Crop
Uncultivated Plants in Nepal Island Plant Conservation
Irish Orchid Conservation Secondary Metabolites of Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata)
The Vascular Anatomy of Citrus Fingerprinting of Pakistan wheat germplasms for stripe rust resistance
Plant conservation A Biological Comparison of Discula destructiva Isolates
Masloon a Tea Substitute from Azad Jammu and Kashmir Development of Drought Resistance Varieties in Rice
Studies on the Genetic Basis for Thermotolerance Studies on Phosphorus Efficiency in Plants
Phosphate-deficiency response: The Taxonomy of selected tribes and genera of the Rhodomelaceae
Plant Disease Diagnosis : Recent Advances and Future Perspectives Elicitation in Andrographis paniculata using biotic elicitors
"Flora of Gunadala Hill” Krishna District, A.P., India Antioxidant and Other Beneficial Effects of Indian Functional Foods
Management of Verticillium Wilt Disease in Tomato Eco-taxonomical Study of Balaram Forest area, Gujarat, India
Regeneration of Chlorophytum tuberosum L. Through tissue culture Studies on tetraspores shedding in Padina tetrastromatica Hauck
Some Potential Medicinal Plants of North West Himalaya Transgene study under Drought Stress
Mucorales Evaluation of Antimicrobail activity of 4 plants found in Pakistan
Improvement of Salt Tolerance by Seed Priming Introductory Plant Anatomy
Cytology of Polypetalous plants Estimation Of Genetic Parameters In Maize
Bioconcentration and Phytotoxicity of Lead in Eichhornia crassipes Ethno-Botanical Study of Dahod District, Gujarat, India
Genotoxic Assessment Of Chromium Toxicity In Eichhornia Crassipes Phytofungicidal Effect On Soybean And Sugarcane Rust
Wheat and Waterlogging Recent advances in the genetic modification of woody tree species
Responces of Lead Stress in Mung bean [Vigna radiata (L.) R. Wilczek] Heat stress in crops
Mycorrhizal Symbiosis: Cellular and molecular basis Variation in occurrence of Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
Reproductive Biology, Interspecific hybridization, PTC in Cyamopsis Sps Allelochemicals of Eclipta Alba:Their role and impact on crop and weed
Isodon coetsa: Genotoxic consequences & essential oil profile Causes Of BUD Dormancy And The New Methods For Breaking It
Plant Physiology: Enzymes, Respiration & Photosynthesis Organic Fertilizers for Rice
Characterization of a Terminal Flower Mutant Phenotype of B. palonga Pharmacognostic Study Of Controversial Drug Pashanbheda
Diversity and Ecology of Parthenium weeds at Head Khanki, Pakistan Genetic Nature and Selection Index in Lentil
Medicinal Plants To Treat Obesity PR proteins and Phytoalexins elicited in Banana by Fusarium oxysporum
Genetic Improvement of Chickpea Altered expression of 33kDa Photosystem II protein in potato plant
Antifungal activity of S. xanthocarpum against pathogenic strains Phytochemical and Antimicrobial Study of Withania somnifera(L.)Dunal
Ethnobotanical flora- A treasure trove Fungistatic effect of Alstonia scholaris against phytopathogenic fungi
Improving Rice Yield Under Water Deficit Conditions Characteristic Symptoms Of Pollutant Elements
Ethnomedicine of Vizianagaram district Embryology & Development of Seed In Euphorbia milli.(E.splendens)BOJ.
A Bioanalytical Study on Heavy Metal Hyperaccumulation In Plants West Kameng Ericaceae
Monocots of Thar Desert Traditional Herbal Remedies among Tharu Tribe of Khatima, Uttarakhand
Preliminary Phytochemical & Pharmacological Studies Drinking Water Quality Assessment of Kotli and Associated areas, AJK
Initial Studies on the Evaluation of Photoperiod For Bulbing in Onion Flowering of Carrot plants
Signalling Molecules and Abiotic Stress In vitro culture studies of Cardiospermum halicacabum L.
An overview of Botanicals for Hair Care: 1(Dandruff and lice) Cinnamon and Cassia - the Spicy Barks
Interaction between auxin and Vigna radiata L. under cadmium stress Eco-Friendly Management of Gladiolus Diseases
Bt and Non-Bt cotton hybrids: Nitrogen fertilizer effects A Monograph of timber woods in Haryana (INDIA)
In Vitro Clonal Propagation of Muskmelon In Vitro Culture of Allium sativum L.
Response of Plants to Cadmium Toxicity Insecticidal Activity of Some Medicinal Plants
Palynotaxonomical study of some species of Rosaceae and Polygonaceae In Vitro Phytopathology (Laboratory Mannual of Plant Pathology)
Herbicides and their Effects on Soil Algae at Assiut- Egypt Late Blight of Potato
Ecology of Plantago major L. at Damietta, Egypt Sodium benzoate a Salinity tolerant agent in Triticum aestivum
Screening of Wheat Varieties for Thermotolerance Against Heat Stress Genetic Transformation of Potato
Nigella sativa Linn Taxonomy of Solanaceae
Eco-physiological Study on Three Economic Weeds Agrobacterium-Mediated Transformation Of Reporter Gene In Corn
Metabolic changes in plants under salinity and virus stress Agrostology of Thal Desert (District Khushab), Pakistan
Ethanobotanical study of Vicia Faba Updates on Colchicum luteum Baker
Taxonomic & Antimicrobial Studies of Himalayan WoundHealing Plants Diversity and Propagation Studies of Jatropha curcas
Practical Botany for Degree Students Ethnomedicine from the tribals of Sudikonda, East Godavari dist, A.P.
Cypselar Morpho-Anatomy Act as a Taxonomic Marker Eco-Friendly Control of Rice Brown Spot Disease
Comparative Phytochemistry in Plant Classification Improvement in Sennosides from Medicinal Plant Cassia angustifolia
Economically important plants of Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary Ecophysiology of salt tolerant grasses from Pakistan
Photosynthetic Rate Studies in Indian Mustard Antimicrobial activity& phytochemical contents of Croton bonplandianum
The Physico-chemical Properties Of Spear And Peppermint Volatile Oils Herbal Folklore Recipes Used in Hepatitis & Jaundice in AJK (Pakistan)
Ethnomedicine Study of Biosurfactants Producing Mycoflora of Southern Punjab
Mutagenic Sensitivity of “Sharada” Cluster bean Mycofloral Study of Pinus Forest of Samahni, Azad Kashmir Pakistan
Studies On Mikania Scandens: The Hempweed Bean parasitic nematodes
Flora and vegetation of areas allied to Phong Nha – Ke Bang Heterosis, Combining Ability and QTL Analysis in Tomato
Micropropagation of Orchid Esmeralda clarkei Floristic Composition and Structure of Riverine Vegetation
Germination And Early Growth Studies On Pigeon Pea Grass (Poaceae) Evolution and Diversification
Evaluation of Metal Contaminations in Vegetables Sold in Local Market Herbal Therapeutics Used for Cancer and Leukemia in Mirpur(AK)Pakistan
Tissue Culture & Genetic Transformation Studies On Solanum melongena L Plant cell technology
Biodiversity and Ethnobotany of Himalayan Region of Azad Kashmir Chromium Bioaccumulation: Consumability Potential of Vegetables
Ethnobotany of srikakulam district Effect of waste water irrigation and nitrogen rates on chilli
Meloidogyne incognita attacking Chickpea Role of AM fungi during abiotic stress and growth in Allium sativum
Orchids of South East Bangladesh Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
Variability among Alternaria brassicae and host-pathogen interaction Fundamentals of Plant Physiology
Endogenous gibberellins' content and crop improvement Salicylic Acid Induced changes in Pea Seed Development and Germination
Impact of germnation on canola seeds Nutritional and anti-bacterial properties of selected plant species
Potato Improvement Through Hybridization and In Vitro Technique Effects Of Naphthalene Acetic Acid On Two Varieties Of Rice
Ecofriendly Leather Dyes Extrected from Plants Bark Clonal Propagation of Teak (Tectona grandis Linn. f.)
Ethnobotanical Studies of a District (Narowal) of Pakistan Phytochemical and Pharmacognostical Studies of Family Euphorbiaceae
Boron: Impact on Seed Germination and Growth of Solanum melongena L. Biodiversity In Danger
Plant Taxonomy and Systematics C3-C4 Intermediate Photosynthesis
Probe into ‘Pro’ and ‘B’ factors in Rice Cultivation Effect of Growth Regulators on Physiological Aspects of Cowpea
Studies on Some Indian Antidiabetic Plants Anti-Emetic Efficacy Against Cuso4 Induced Emesis in Chicks
Caricology in North East of Iran Amaranthus: A multipurpose and nutritive plant
Biodrainage and Carbon Sequestration Water Quality Analysis of Historical Lake(Hamisar)- Bhuj,Gujarat,India
Assessment of Edible Wild Fruits Ethnopharmacological activity of extracts of Ocimum tenuiflorum Linn.
Studies On Physiological Traits In Wheat Under Water Stress condition Jatropha Species
Pharmacognostical studies and bioprospecting of Calotropis procera About Devil's Backbone
On the Role of Visible Light & UV Radiation in Germinating Vicia faba Medicinal Flora of Kaghan Valley
Toxicity Reduction Of Calotropis Gigantea During Biomethanation Phenology and Reproductive Aspect of Cannabis Sativa L
Floristic and Ethnobotanical Study of Palanpur and Dantiwada, Gujarat Tissue Culture of Woody Plants
Defense related enzymes induced by elicitors of Fusarium in Banana In Vitro Production of Secondary Metabolites of Medicinal Plants
Adiantum A Medicinal Herb Antibacterial Activity of Medicinal Plants
Effect Of Different Fertilizers On Vegetative Growth Of Cherry tomato Biosystematic of Subtribe Aeridinae (Orchidaceae)
Indian Medicinal Plants as Therapeutic Agents Modern Aspects in Post-Harvest Pathology of Mango
Plant Breeding Taxonomy of Green Algae from North-Eastern Areas of Pakistan: II
Morphology and Growth Performance in Capparaceae and Combretaceae Diversity and Taxonomy of Moraceous species in Arunachal Pradesh,India
Legumes: Micropropagation and Conservation Plant Biotechnological Improvement of Litchi and Medicinal Plants
Plant Life in the Different Habitats In El-Behira Governorate,Egypt AM Fungi to Boost BT Cotton yeild
Mycorrhiza for Ginger cultivation Remedies of Fluoride and Assessment of Water quality
Conservation studies on some RET medicinal Plants Taxonomy & Pharmaceutics of Medicinal Plants of China (CLEMATIS)
Ethnobotanical Studies Of Angiosperms Of Modasataluka DIST.SK(NG)India Antimicrobial Efficacy of Indian Medicinal Plants
Anatomical Studies On Species Of Subfamily Stachyoideae (Lamiaceae) An Exploration of Ethnomedicinal Plants
Effect of Gibberellic acid (GA3)on leaf content in Rosa indica Role of cyanobacteria on rice field soil fertility of Bangladesh
Studies on Leaf Spot Disease of Croton Quick Concept of Botany
Curcuma amada (Mango ginger): A potential medicinal plant Neem oil: A remedy to the hazardous effects of cypermethrin
Studies on Regeneration and Genetic Transformation in Jatropha Plant Productivity Versus Metal Pollution
Microtuberization in Potato Traditional Knowledge of Khammam district, Andhra Pradesh
Propagation and Preservation of Bamboo Micropropagation & Callogenesis of Solanum nigrum
Satchari National Park Ethnofloristic Biodiversity of Bhanavad, Jamjodhpur and Lalpur Taluka
Neem (Azadirachta indica A. Juss.) Angiospermic Plant Diversity of Dhaka City, Bangladesh
Seaweed liquid fertilizers Morpho-Anatomy Of The Phaeophycota From Karachi Coast
Medicinal Plants In Tehuledere District, South Wollo, Ethiopia Anther Culture and Somatic Embryogenesis in Rice
Plant Growth Bioregulators Biological & Chemical Investigations of Lawsonia inermis (Lythraceae)
flora of LCWU Biotechnology in Jhum Rice
Biochemical composition of some selected aquatic macrophytes Alleviating effect of Gibberellic acid on salt stressed crop plants
Phytochemical activities of plant extract of Convolvulus arvenisis Callogenesis and Micropropagation of Grape (Vitis Vinifera L.)
Herbal Drug Research: Recent Trends & Progress Investigation of Desiccation Sensitivity of Seeds of S. guineense
Lawachara National Park Reproductive Biology and conservation of Endangered balsams
Effect of Foliar Application of Kinetin Medicinal Plant Potentials as Antimicrobials and Antioxidant Agents
Biotic interferences on Shankeracharya Forest Ecosystem Biotechnological approach for the mass propagation of Gerbera
Effect of Salinity Some Leafy Vegetables Ethnobotanical studies on Medicinal Plants of Himalyas
Root Knot Disease of Okra & its Control Characterization of Wheat Germplasm for Yield and Root Trait
Biocultural Therapeutics for Diabetics Cure in Azad Kashmir,Pakistan Exploration of Indigenous Herbal Knowledge of District Mardan
Plant Stress Physiology Brassinosteroids
Genetic transformation of Blackgram for abiotic stress tolerance Phytosociology & Geographical distribution of Thandiani, Pakistan
Validation of Indian Medicinal Plants "Indian Borage" : A Gift of Nature
Ethnobotanical and pharmacognostical studies of some medicinal plants Labiates of Abbottabad, Pakistan
Wild Edible Fruits and Vegetables In vitro regeneration of bitter gourd from seedling explants
Mass multiplication of some flowering ornamentals Introduction to Allelochemicals
Taxonomy of Cucurbitaceae Ethnomedicine for eye diseases
Studies on heavy metal stress in AM inoculated Gmelina arborea Physiological Basis of Heat Tolerance in Wheat
World Fodder and Forage Crops Practical Manual for Bryophytes and Pteridophytes
GENOTOXICITY OF CADMIUM ON ROOT MERISTEM OF Vicia faba L. Ethnomedicine from Visakhapatnam district, Andhra Pradesh
Medicinal Characteristic of Ficus carica: A In Vitro Approach Ethnobotany of East Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh
Ethnobotany of the Konda Reddis Biochemistry of Plants Growing Naturally Under Semi-Arid Conditions
Pharmacognosy of antidysenteric plants Ethnobotany of primitive tribal groups of Visakhapatnam district
Boron Requirements of Maize with differnt SAR Waters Turmeric: The Living Gold of Nature
Cyperus pangorei (Korai)- The Wonder Sedge Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Resources of North East India
Induced mutagenesis in groundnut,Arachis hypogaea Indian Bio-fences
Cyanobacterial Biodiversity of the Sub-Himalayan Belt of Kumaon Region Angiosperms Diversity in Achanakmar Amarkantak Biosphere Reserve
SALT RANGE GRASSES OF PAKISTAN Toxicological effects of chromium and tannery effluent on crop plants
The field and storage problems of yam (Dioscorea. rotundata) ESTIMATION OF GENETIC VARIABILITY AND TRAIT ASSOCIATION IN CHICKPEA
SYNERGISM IN BIOREMEDIATION Biochemical Studies During Organogenesis
Establishment of Herbal Monograph Weed Ecology and Control
Tribal Ethnobotany Plant Based Indigenous Knowledge in U.P. State of India
Guilan Wild Mushrooms Fluid Dynamics of Water under Simulated Drought Condition in Rice
TISSUE CULTURE STUDIES ON MULBERRY Evaluation of allelopathic potential
Taxonomic studies of Polygonum L. (Complex) and Rumex L. Polygonaceae Cyanobacteria and algae as significant actors of biodeterioration
coping with salt stress Environmental and human determinates of vegetation distribution
Healing Herbs for Arthritis and Rheumatism Viability and variability in genus Swertia
AGRONOMIC STUDIES ON POTATOES (Solanum tuberosum L.) Genetic Diversity in Seed Orchards
STUDIES ON ZINC EFFICIENCY IN PLANTS Some West African Hardwoods for Pulp and Paper Production
TCP- Antioxidant Activity Evaluation of Some Indian Plant extracts Genetic Diversity of Mineral, Nutritional Traits and Glutenin in Wheat
Common Weeds of Sabarkantha District, Gujarat, India Effect of Lead nitrate on Vigna unguiculata
Ethanol Production From Fruits Through Saccharomyces cerevisiae Melissopalynological Study of Some Forest Track of Gadchiroli
Desert Vegetation along Western Mediterranean Coast of Egypt Compendium On Costus Pictus: A Medicinal Spiral Ginger
Angiosperm Diversity of Bogra District, Bangladesh Botany Practicals Manual for Degree Students
Taxonomy and Ethnobotany of Satlasana Forest, District Mehsana,Gujarat Taxonomy and Ethnobotany of Palash Upazila of Narsingdi, Bangladesh
Eco-physiological Aspects Of Carbon Sequestration In Tropical Forest Flowering Plants with Reference to Temple Complexes in Bijapur
Aerobiology in Disease Forecasting of Jowar Phytochemical and nutritional evaluation of Talinum portulacifolium
Morphological characterization of Mango cultivars Effect of Salicylic Acid on Maize under Stress Conditions
Identification of cotton hybrids through PCR based molecular markers Handbook of Practical Botany for Degree Students
Ethnomedicinal studies of Barnawapara wildlife Sanctuary Diseases of Crop Plants
Seed Dormancy and Germination Mycological Study of Hospital Wards
Impact of bio-char and tar of sugarcane bagasse in plant growth Cassia fistula’s antifungal potential against blight of chickpea
Condition optimization for Laccase Biosynthesis by Ganoderma lucidum Families of Angiosperms Volume II
Momordica charantia L.:A potent Medicinal Plant Plants as Cosmeceuticals
Ecological role of chestnut (Castanea sativa Mill) Antiulcerogenic effect and toxicological evaluation of Psidium guajava
Effect of Some Legands on Some Fungi Eco-physiological studies of wild legumes of Gorakhpur, UP, India
Processes and patterns in natural ecosystems: a review Symptomatology of Infected Fruits
Chemical Mutagenesis in Chicory: A Tool For Crop Improvement Flora Of Etawah And Auraiya Districts , Uttar Pradesh State, India
Root and microbial respiration in soils. A review Medicinal Legume Diversity of Bangladesh
Amelioration of Drought Stress on Wheat Cultivars Isolation and Characterization of Rhizobium and Azospirillum
Experiments of Cytogenetics Ecology of Some Non-Conventional Forage Weeds in Nile Delta, Egypt
Antifungal-Screening and Eco-friendly Botanical Fungicide Development Gravity and Plants
Tree species Diversity in Srikakulam and Vizianagaram of A.P.,India Angiosperm Flora in the Graveyards of Rajshahi City, Bangladesh
The Family Acanthaceae for the Flora of Manipur Phytochemical and Biological Investigations of Crataegus sinaica
Comprehensive study of Munronia pinnata (Wall.) Theob. (Meliaceae) Families of Angiosperms Volume 1
Ansupa a Wetland Paradise Medicinal Plants for Kidney Stone: A Monograph
Algal diversity HPTLC based Phyto-chemical Fingerprinting of Certain Indian Plants
Hormonal Control of seedling establishment in Bambusa arundinacea Pollution and Its Impact on Some Selected Terrestrial Plants
Effects of lead toxicity on Soybean (Glycine Max) In vivo enhancement of Plumbagin in Plumbago zeylanica L.
Phytosociology of Pinus-Qurecus Forests In Nikyal Valley Seedling Growth of Wheat in Pakistan
Antimicrobial agents from plants Remedy of baranland by wild legume
Shelf Life of Banana Fruits in Heliantheae - Morphoanatomy and stress response
Genotype Environment Interaction in Potato Micropropagation of Stevia rebaudiana
Artificial Ageing Induced Metabolic Changes in Cicer arietinum Seeds Some Aspects Of Medicinal Plant Biotechnology
Antibacterial activity of D. stramonium L. against pathogenic strains Biotechnology to Improve Indigenous Potato Cultivars in Bangladesh
PGPR And Bioinoculants Impact of heavy metals on growth and metabolism of crop plants
Varietal Improvement in Strawberry The relationship of Physicochemical and Biological variables
The Anatomy of Citrus Bark Cytological Studies in Plantago ovata Forsk
Safety Assessment of GM & Non-GM Canola on Crop Physiology Phytoremediation
Research information on Jatropha L.spp. Perspectives in Micro-Organisms
Threatening Disease:Banded Leaf and Sheath Blight of Maize Plant Heavy Metal Stress

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