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Восстановление Виленского Свято-Духова браства во второй пол. XIX века Христианское мировоззрение и современная наука
Application of social networks in school Христианизация Бурятии
Самоидентификация "новых" пятидесятников в России A Latino/a Clergy Self Psychology Hermeneutics of Pastoral Care
Inculturation of the Concept of Atonement in Africa Be The Best Youth Of Your Generation
Anglican/Emerging Ecclesiology: Confused? Good Morning God
A.L.I.C.E. with Jesus Truth Under Tree
Charismatic Christians in the Church of Ireland A new era for Pentecostal women leaders?
MaintainingThe Centrality of Expository Preaching Socio-spiritual roles of lay women
The Solution to the Situations of the Earth and Its Inhabitants Security Robot System for Intelligent Building
Standing in the Gap Preaching in a Post-Christendom Culture Memento Mori: Funerals for the Unaffiliated
A Prescriptive Model To Rekindle The Marriage Bond U.S. Navy Hospital Chaplaincy
Practice and Understanding of the Eucharist: United Church of Christ Formation Of Disinfection By-products In Indoor Swimming Pools Water
History of Modern Christianity in the Holy Land A Seriously Abridged Catechism of the Catholic Church
Triumphing Over Test and Temptations Daily... ABC's of attitude Vol.1
Freedom From The Accuser Towards a Journey of Hope for Students in Dublin's Inner City
Refugee Stories Discretion in Marriage Catholic Doctrine and Rotal Jurisprudence
The Beautiful LIFE Anglican Stagnation and Growth in West Africa
Who's My Neighbor - An Analysis of Ethnic Animosity in Kenya The Identity of the Early Christians shaped by Persecution
Evaluating Church Spiritual Formation Curricula О чем спорят христиане
История воронежского лютеранства В тайге на Северном Урале
Взгляд раннехристианских писателей на философию Провинциальное православное духовенство России
Личность и творчество в свете византийской традиции Concepts and Practices
Becoming different Ownership and Property
Your Slave , Our Brother Family Life Circle
Small Group Concepts for Nairobi Urban Mega Churches Issues in African Traditional Religion
Shona Religion of Zimbabwe Faith Expressing Itself Through Love
Islamic Law Gender Discrimination: A Study on Religious Perspective
The Impact of the Christian-Muslim Conflict on the Women of Jos The Dark Night
Liberal Islam in Indonesia The Shrine and Langer of Golra Sharif
From 'Maryada Purushottam' of Hindus to 'Violent Ram' of Hindutva Church Discipline in the Light of Martin Luther's Ecclesiology
Spirituality and Quality of Life Between Heaven and Hell
indigenous african religion and development Interfaith Dialogue: Charity
Combinations between Glycerol,Free fatty acids and Acidulated oils Religions in Globalizing India
Genesis of Religious Crisis The Power of Pentecost
The Ten Commandments and the Quran Apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Saskatchewan
Pilgrimage Tours As An Opportunity Towards Deeper Spirituality In Life "Betrayed, Abandoned, Raped" A Literary Feminist Reading of Judges 19
Basel Mission Education in the Gold Coast / Ghana (1950-2007) Sectarianism in Pakistan
The Impact of Modernity on the Traditional African Family Values The Truth is...
Learn Islam: The last Divine Religion Armageddon as Divine War in the Apocalypse
The Rise of Turkey in the Arab and Muslim World An Incarnational narrative Christology of Shona women of Zimbabwe
Eliade’s Theory of Religion and the African Experience The Future of Ecumenism
Waqf - The Islamic Endowment Analysis of Okonko Society and Christianity: Focus on Igboland Nigeria
Church's Mission - Unfinished Task Living between two cultures:
Rainisoalambo and the Indigenization: Leadership Styles and Conflict Management in the Anglican Church
World Religions Peace and Conflict : Role of Islam The Image of Islam and Arabs in Western Literatures
Identity, Anti-Colonialism & Community Resistance: Swallowing Jonah: Strategies for Reading Biblical Narratives
A Study of the Qur’anic Oaths Analysis of Healing in Luke-Acts
Fundamental Teachings Of The Church Of Latter Day Saints Challenges and Opportunities of Indigenous Church Leaders in Uganda
A Perichoretic Model of the Church Contextualizing Theological Education in East Africa
Islam Misrepresented by Muslims Илья Муромец. Портрет
The Roots of Ethnicity, Tribalism, Nepotism and Racism in the Church Illness and Healing in Gospel Music in Southwestern Nigeria
The Resilience of African Beliefs and Practices The Karimojong: The Pastoralists of East Africa
Christian Love -The Greatest Thing in the World? The Awesome God
Christological Ethics Childlessness as a challenge in African Christianity
In search of Humanity: African Blitzkrieg in Zimbabwe
Spiritual Olympics Holy Mary (Maryam) in Christianity and Islam
Christian Leadership and Management Sufi Shrines and Identity-Construction in Pakistan
A Source Critical Reassessment of the Gospel of Luke Political Historiography of Islam in South Asia
EXPOSING FAMILIAR SPIRITS IN THE SPIRITUAL CHURCH Early Engagements with the Bible in Tanzania
The Triple Anointed Leader The Emperor Has No Clothes
Monotheism and the Sons of God Pentecostalism in Apostolic Faith Mission (A.F.M.)
Theological justification of apartheid in South African churches Divine numbers
The Defenders of Puritan Islam African Spirituality: An Introduction
Multicultural Church Planting Theological Dramatics
From Sheep to Sheperds The Permanence of Catholic Priesthood
A critical study of the impact of faith-healing AFRICAN HOSPITALITY FROM A MISSIOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE
GENDER, HIV AND AIDS AND AFRICAN TRADITIONAL RELIGION IN ZIMBABWE Christian Marriage and Sexuality in the African Context Today
Muslim Scholars and Islamic Studies in the Balkans The Persistence of divination among the Swahili Muslims in Kenya
Flesh Made Word African Traditional Culture and Religion is Alive and Dynamic
Spread of Islam in Nandi, Kenya Customary Marriage in African Culture and Religion
A Comprehensive Study of Comparative Religions WORK AS THE KEY TO THE SOCIAL QUESTION IN ZAMBIA
The Traditional Oath in African Culture and Religion The Woman Clothed by the Sun with the Moon under Her Feet
Overcoming the Challenges of Youth Ministry Origins of Salafism in Indonesia
Reconstructing Faith Social Critique in Mustofa Bisri''s Poems
The church''s role in social healing and reconciliation in Zimbabwe Conscience and Culture
An Introduction to Old Testament Studies CHURCH AND DEVELOPMENT
Inclusiveness of Christianity At the Crossroads of Social Transformation
Belfast, a City with a Wounded Heart; Hope of Redemption Shi''i Law and Leadership
A Biblical Evaluation of the Avenging Spirits (Ngozi) Soteriological Models
The Church in the Postmodern Global Village RELATIONAL EVANGELISM
Laying down the foundations for Caribbean Theologies Nikolai Berdiaev’s Freedom to Create
Reshaping the Consciousness The Church in the Postmodern Global Village
Power, theology and ecclesiology in practice Pastoral care in tension between tradition and modernity
Experiencing the Call of Grace Religion, Politics and the German Greens
Forrest Gump - Redeemer Lite Black Church Leadership Perpetuating Dominance and Oppression?
New discoveries in the universe reveal that Quran is from God Echoes of the Past
Ending Oppression and Establishing Justice The Artist Transformed
QURANIC APPROACH TO SEX EDUCATION Influencing the Spiritual Formation of Junior High Students
Media Ecology and Religious Pluralism Cuban Christian Theological Higher Education
Why You Experience Evil The Participation of the laity in evangelization
''The Time is Come'' THE LOST STORY OF ISLAM
A Biblically Compassionate Perspective on Suicide Images of God and Self in Women''s Slave Narratives
Economic Language in Luke-Acts: Wearing a Coat of Many Colours
Soothsayers (Bambuki) and Christian prayer petitioners (Balombi) New Testament Studies
Mimesis and Desire The Pneumatology of Vatican II
Opening the Scroll Curriculum Construction in the Indonesian Pesantren
Ximing Monastery The Beautiful Ugly Masquerade:"Ekpo Ikpa-Isong Annang" in Nigeria
Bible Study Tools & Their Relevance in Biblical Understanding The Promise of the Emerging Church: A Critical Engagement
Temperature Control using PID Controller ‘Ilm al Kalam
Philosophico-theological anthropology Organic Micropollutants in Water: Environmental Informatics
The Christian View of Muslim Humantarian Aid Da'wah Strategy Polygyny and the African Church
The Socio-Economic Study Among The Shia Muslims In Mysore City Russia under Communism: Bulgakov, his Life and his Book
Seyyed Hassan Nassr-Allah Religious Dialogue between Muslims and Christians
Bhakthi Yoga of Sathya Sai Baba The Principle Of Integral Reconciliation
Dissecting The South African Equity Markets Into Sectors And States History of the Anglican Church in North Central Nigeria 1854-1999
The Episcopal Church - Early Missionaries In Liberia 1821-1871 Jonathan Edwards - The American Augustine?
Introduction To The Bible SANCTUARY CULT in relation to religious piety in the BOOK OF PSALMS
Generous Neighbors? Ebo as a Healing Technique in Ifa Divination System
Jesus, I Trust in You: St. Thomas Aquinas' Jubilee Home-Grown Religions
Whimpers Of Africa: Lessons From The Kenyan Context When the Buddha answered with his silence
Australian Contextual Models of Pastoral Ministry Towards a Mission Cycle
Religious Education on the Darkling Plain Access Control To Classified Facilities
Islamic Response to the Secular Variables of the Western Modernity Partnerships Between Hospitals and Community for Spiritual Care
Buddhist Heterodoxy of Abhayagiri Sect Inside Religion: The Values of World Peace and Harmony
Jewish Service Learning Public Theology in a Foreign Land
Bhava?ga-citta and Alaya-vijnana Critical Analysis in Biblical Studies
Religiosity and Alcohol Drinking of Modern Thai Youths Humans and ecosystems in the priestly creation account
Indigenous Church Growth “Image Of God” In The History Of Christian Thoughts
What is religion? Religion's Contribution To A Peaceful World
Postmodernism, Secularism and the Mission of Adventism Trafficking Of Women In Ethiopia
A pastoral response to Haitian Vodou The Concept of God among the Africans
An African Culture of Multiple Religiosity Two Different Images of Prophet Mu?ammad in the East and West
Socio-Economic life of Handicraft Workers :A Comparative Study Theology of the New Testament: A Postcolonial Perspective
A Structural and Exegetical Analysis of Jude Hunger For Success
Islamic Doctrines of Causality and Modern Science Take and Eat: Reconnecting to God, Community and Creation
Al-Quran as a Source of Knowledge Instructional Methods in CRE on Students Acquisition of Values
Religion a Label of Violence Moral Truth
Conflicts Between Muslims and Christians in Egypt Pauline Soteriology
The biggest secret of God A Church Under Challenge
A Tradition Of Abstinence And Ritual Identity A Dialogical Hermeneutic of a Hindu-Christian
The Origin of Life and its purpose Rewards For Good Deeds Of Non-muslim On Murtada Mutahhari's View
The Interpretations of Symbols in Revelation 12 The Pride of African Traditional Medicine
Religious Affiliation And Worldly Success Theology of Religions in the Context of Fundamentalism
Develpoments In Judaism And Christianity Servant-Leadership and Grace: Changing one Person at a Time
Teaching Urban Mission in Nigerian Seminaries Risk Management
Falun Gong in China: Responses and Reactions Reaching Muslims in America with the Gospel
Faith, Hope and Charity The Theological Significance of Chance
In-Silico Analysis of Lactoferrin Modeling the Factors Affecting Cereal Crop Yields in Ethiopia
African Traditional Religion, The Misunderstood Faith Inculturation of the Gusii Traditional Concept of God
Physical Education In Holistic Christian Education Optimizing Simulated Humanoid Robot Skills
Shepherd Motif in the Old Testament The Prophet's Family Holy Graves ((Peace on them all))
Why Is This Wave Different From All Other Waves? Hydrothermal Synthesis of ZnO Nanoparticles
The autonomy and hierarchical dependence of religious institutes L2 Academic Writing Difficulties & Tutors’ Written Feedback
Retroversion in Religious Processes At-Takhjil
Textual Criticism of the Codex Vaticanus and the Codex Leningradensis Elements of African Religion in Christ Apostolic Church Nigeria
Life and Death in the Old Testament and Yoruba Worldview Meaning of Judgment in the Pentateuch
Fasting, Taste Perception and Metabolic Regulation Context Could Be Only In Our Heads
Politics of Park51 Human Rights as Means for Peace
Islamic Commercial Contractual Law Between Muslims and Non-Muslims A Connecticut Yankee at the Gates of Heaven
Trading Silence for Words of Praise Fidelity in Religious Life: A Marcelian Approach
Culture and Spirituality in the Margins Gifted In Ghetto
Rebranding The Church God's Word in Human Voices
Horror and Hope A Cross Examination of Sayyid Qutb and Muhammad Ibn Abd Al-Wahhab
From the heat of the law into the shadow of the grace Islamic Law In An African Context
Contextual Reinterpretation of Religious Tenets Conflict Resolution in Annang Society:Religious and Sociological Views
Religious Pluralism,Conflict as Issues in Ugandan Religious Education The Jesus Digital Code
The marginalized stories of people who live in poverty Religious Significance of Tree in Sruti Text:An Ecological Relevance
The Place of Environment in the Bible Renewal (Tajdid) in Islamic Thought
Stewardship in Leadership Visionary Leader as agent of change
Indigenous Religion and HIV and AIDS Management in Zimbabwe Jesus the Shepherd
Graduate Students' Attitude Towards Multimedia Technology Lifeline
Effect of humic acid and cattle manure The Position of Guru in Sikhism
Union With Christ: the Heart of the Good News Israel's lament and the discernment of divine revelation
Theory and Practice of Secrecy:Focus on Okonko and Ogboni in Africa Necessity (Darura) in Islamic Law
Domestic Violence Against Women Hindu-Muslim Differential in Childhood Death and Immunization in India
The role of Convergent Sufi and Somali world views in Islamization Scripture in Contemporary African Pentecostalism: An Illustration
Happiness and Joy in Spirituality: Teachings of IMAM ISKENDER ALI MIHR The Church and Civil Rights in San Francisco
Are You Born Again? Islamic Revivalism: Necessity & Challenge
The Origin, Spread and Impact of Islam on Nandi Religion and Culture Magistra Apostolorum: Mary in the Mariology of Rupert of Deutz
Towards an 'otualogy: Rethinking the Doctrine of God in Tonga The Status of Environmental and Christian Stewardship
Mary More or Less:Anglican and Catholic Mariology of John Henry Newman Theology Of Development: The African Way
The Triloknath Temple of Lahul Regaining a perspective on Holistic Missions
Islamic Da'wah and Missionary Enterprise in the Kenyan Coast Storytelling in Times of Violence
The Concept of Atonement in 1 John Islamic Fundamentalism in East Africa: Ethiopia in Focus
The God-Man Comparing on Teacher Education in England and Pakistan
The 21st Century New Muslim Generation The Impact of Indigenous African Religious Beliefs and Cultural Values
Sacred Texts and Social Conflict Farmers' Perception & Adaptation To Climate Variability & Change
The cloak that covers evil: charismatic & reformed churches in Africa Dental Surveyor and Surveying in Prosthodontics
Resurrection of Jesus Discipleship
Panorama of the Bible Lay People in the Church
Our Way of the Cross Marital Polutions Sanitized
Christianity in a Cosmopolitan City Path to Spiritual Power
Gracevolution - Insight Two The Eye of Prosperity
Gracevolution - Insight One God and Us: A Series of Biblical Sermons
Reading the Exodus Liberation Motif in the Modern Post-Biblical World A Biblical view of defilement
Victorious Life Revered and Reviled in a Quest for Pentecostal Holiness
God’s Pathos, Logos and Ethos God's Handmaiden: Living a Life of Uncommon Purpose
Islamic Ethics A Critique of Marx's View of Religion
Themes in Biblical theology The Burundian Refugees Experience in Tanzania: The Role of the Church
The Role of the Mother Tongue in the Language Classroom Concept of Trinity and Jesus' Divinity
History of Islamic Civilisation Knowing Otherwise:
Theology and Literature Embracing Change in Spiritual and Religious Care
Religious Education in Comparative Perspectives Priests and Priesthood in the Aramaic Targums to the Pentateuch
The Theology and Spirituality of the Symbols Role Of NGOs In Women’s Empowerment
Religious Despite Religion Man, God, or Both: Trinity by Two Late Renaissance Italian Artists
From This is My Body to the Church in the Twenty First Century Why Christ Had To Die
Islam in Contemporary Lagos, Southwest Nigeria Public Benefit and the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales
Jesus in African Culture Religion and Nation Building
From Darkness into Transforming Light Global Cities, In Third World Countries
Empowering Pastors and Leaders Through Trust Fund From Amulek to Zeezrom
Does Relative Deprivation Lead to Millenarianism? Globalization and Militant Hindu Nationalism
Abuse of Alcohol by Clergy Carbon Stock in Church Forests
Islam, Science, and Modernity Flowers of Contemplation
A Study of the Catholic Priest in Shusaku Endo's Novels The Ethical Meaning of the Christology in Colossians:
The Nation of Islam Highway to Heaven
For Knowledge and Love Understanding God
Donor Agenda, Conditionalities and Cultural Sustainability in Africa Christology and the Spreading of Sahaja Yoga
The Continued Relevance of the Religious life in the Secularized world Biblical Counselling of Sotho Christians Believing in Witchcraft
Reading by the Light of a Burning Phoenix Islamic Education
The Gap in Catholic Healthcare Chaplaincy WOMEN IN THE BIBLICAL BOOK OF PROVERBS
WHO IS MY NEIGHBOUR? Muslim Intellectualism in Indonesia
Living the Ethic of Care Religious Diversity on the Labyrinth
Indigenous Religious Traditions in Ghanaian Pentecostalism JOHN CALVIN'S VIEWS ON SANCTIFICATION
Islamic organizations in contemporary Russia When Children Witness the Sacred
LIBERATION AND RECONSTRUCTION IN AFRICA Religious Rhetoric in the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
The Images of God as Perceived by Abandoned Children Socio-religious ideas
Portrait of God in Saul''s Rise and Rejection Babylon Christendom
THE INITIATION AND SOCIAL SACRAMENTS Ideals and Realities of Imamship Practices in Yorubaland of Nigeria
African Knowing and Biblical Interpretation Ethics and Morality from an African Perspective
Ethnocentrism a challenge to Evangelization in the world Challenges to Evangelisation in Africa Today
FROM GRACE TO GREED: Oriental Religions and Modern Trends in Religion
Challenges to Theology in Africa Today The End of Evangelisation Marks the Beginning of Catechesis
Sensus Fidelium as a Locus for Theology Paul The Antichrist
Methods in Biblical Textual Study Tithing in the Old Testament
Religion and Social Change Introduction to Sociology of Religion
An Introduction to African Culture and Religion Introduction to study of Religions
The Essence of African Culture and Religion WHO IS YOUR REAL ENEMY?
SHIA RITUALS The Belief in Mystical Powers in African Traditional Religion
Influence of Islam on Bukusu Culture Like Other People''s Children
Islam, Muslims, and Liberal Democracy in the Middle East The Concept of Vocation of Reformed Theology in Postmodern times
SPIRITUALITY IN CONTEXT Theological Education in the Context of Poverty and Injustice
Relationship between the Church and State and Church and Culture Human Dignity in the Wake Of HIV/AIDS
Constructing Theology Power struggles and cultural identity crises in AICs
Sufic Terminology ‘The Root of all Evil?’
The Concept of the Spiritual Heart in Hindu and Buddhist Tantra: “Salt of the earth, Light of the world”
God as the Ground of Being: Tillich and Buddhism in Dialogue vipassana or calm abiding
Weaving the Net: In this sign conquer
Christian leadership from a Cameroonian Perspective West African Worldviews

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