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Colour Design of Train Stations Interaction between State Authority and the Architectural Profession
Spatial Memory of Electrification Physical and mechanical properties of lesser known timber species
Architecture and Public Dialogue: The role of Architecture Centers Young Children and Nature
Transport interchange From Numbers to Digits
Heritage Planning for Khulna City, Bangladesh Modelling of Building Structure due to Seismic Excitation
Mainstreaming Energy Efficient Approaches in Urban Development Daylight for Office Buildings
Comparison between CNG and Petrol/Diesel driven vehicles of Dhaka The Architecture of Coptic Churches
Chain of Events On the Non-Complete
The Reclamation and Re-occupation of the Burloak Employment Lands Speculative settlements
Building Problems in Hot Climate Improving the Connection:
Cancer Health Care Centre, Copenhagen Firmitatis, Utilitatis, Venustatis
School of art for juniors (SAJ) Information Bridging
Effects of Modern movement on Residential Buildings From Imhotep to Calatrava
Architecture of Caucasian Albania Evolution of Palestinian Traditional Dwellings, Case Study from Hebron
Hospital Ward Architecture Asset Structure and its Implication on Project Performance
Advanced Technology in a Low Technology Setting Coupled Multi-zone Hygrothermal-airflow Analysis
Technology in Architecture Whole Building Heat, Air and Moisture Transfer
Project of a Dormitory for the students of an architectural faculty The Mosques of Britain
Deconstructing the Spatial Perceptions By Creating An Artist''s retreat Biomimicry as a metaphor for Perfect integration in sustainability
Important insect pests of onion in Sokoto, Nigeria Hybrid Modernity Of Adaptive Bodies
CONTROLLING THE COST OF AFFORDABLE HOUSING FOR LOW-INCOME GROUP The Effects of Emotional Intelligence in Architectural Education
Floating swimming pool Social Housing in Costa Rica’s Warm Humid Climate
‘Critical’ Practice in State-owned Design Institutes in Post-Mao China Identity Crisis
The Janus Influence and Discovering a Life Smart Materials and Sustainability
DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION INTERFACE DISCREPANCIES Considering Re-usability in Design of High-rise Buildings
Thinking, Nursing, Building Sustainable Urban Form, Accessibility and Travel
Generic vs. Specific Frameworks for Sustainable Building Tools A system for selection of building elements in architectural design
Fragments of Time Nanomaterials and Architecture
Master Planning Public Universities For Real Estate Development Project of Meine: The contribution of cities to economic development
Tax Increment Financing for Neighbourhood Redevelopment Crossing the boundaries
ARCHITECTURE IN CINEMA Urban Dispersal around Kumasi, Ghana
Drawing Time with Temporal Drawing The influence of differential urbanisation on regional policy
BIM for Architect-Client Communication of Building Design An Acoustical Analysis of Domes Coupled to Rooms
Democratic Play Cellular 'Network' City
Accelerating Road Infrastructural Delivery In Ghana Philadelphia Hotel
Nanotechnology Research Center Parametric Design Procedures
Architecture and the Use Value of Ruins Design of Rainwater Harvesting System
A Proposed Model for Wastewater Recycling in Nigeria Adaptive Urban Design
Effects of facial cooling on thermal comfort Parametric Design Thinking
Achieving Architectural Design Efficiency through Facility Management Techniques of Designing and Executing Digital Architecture
Preservation and Presentation of Historic Towns Some aspects of contemporary Russian architecture and urban design
Linking Historic Legacy to Urban Future Elderly-Friendly Staircase design
Urban Design And Thoughts On Cities Half past reality-Semiotics,Architecture and Augmented Reality
Design styles in the architecture of corporate headquarters Darasbari Mosque at Sultanate Capital of Gaur-Bengal
Adding Affordability to Sustainability Seismic analysis of the Lamberti Tower
Auto-Showroom Design and the Visitors' Attention Cultural Heritage and Urban Conservation in Indonesia
Reconstructing a Pedagogical Framework for Critique Sessions The project of the Art Fund of Kyrgyz Republic
Terminological Glossary Architecture English - French - Romanian Accommodating Strangers
Urban Organization ARCHITECTURE: What My Teachers Did Not Teach Me
Traditional Infrastructure Water Sources System in Iran The Formation of Traditional Markets in the Historic Cities
Bending Curvature: Design Research and Experimentation Alexandria Smart City
Rejected landscapes-Recycled landscapes From Tokyo Bay Planning to Urban Utopias
Moisture Transfer in Buildings Nanoarchitecture and Global Warming
Complexity & Structure Design Concepts of Complexity and Contradiction
New Market Hall for Kosice, Slovakia How to improve daylight in Thai residential architecture
Metamorphosis of the Alameda Bernardo O’Higgins in Santiago de Chile Community Spaces of Kathmandu
Energy Retrofit and Occupant Behaviour in Listed Housing Methodology Of Climatic Urban Design For Buildings Energy Efficiency
The Toolbox Socio-Economic Factors influencing Academic performance
Spacemaking as Human Experience Daylighting and ventilation
Sketching and Designing Buildings with Computers Phenomenon Of Visual Perception In Architecture
Stadspoort Amsterdam See What I...
Conflicting Images of Kampung and Kota in Jakarta Temporal Rhythm in Aesthetic Experience of Architecture
Design Through Performance 'Physical Thinking' in Making Architecture Hartford Icon Tower
Focus on China Evaluation of Riverfront's Landscape
Lucknow Architecture: A fusion of Indo- Islamic and European Culture Logic Behind Basic Design And Coding Of Forms In Architecture
3D Information Place Computational Situated Learning in Architectural Designing
The Anatomy of Traditional Dwellings The Passive Solar Andes Refuge
Controversies in Design: Architect's Versus Artist's Passivhaus Refurbishment
Adaptability As Sustainable Design Strategies In Hospitals Architectural Solution to West African Markets
Built Heritage in Urban Tanzania Restiching Lincoln as a Liminal Place
Eco Restoration of Deepar Beel, Assam An Evaluation of Sustainability for Obafemi Awolowo University Campus
Continuity of Personal Knowledge Construction through Creative Act Know more Slums
Urban Habitat Seduced by Form
The vernacular Iranian architecture The Importance of Open Public Spaces to build Urban Resilience
Adaptively Reusing London's Existing Industrial Fabric Domestic Architectural Styles of Osogbo, Nigeria
Transformation of Housing in Nairobi Sustainability and the Built-Environment
Sustainable Tall Building Transvaluation Of Architecture
A market survey of Passive houses in the western region of Sweden Craft's Village at Madhyapur Thimi
Foam Structures Unten Im Cafe
Expressionist Organic Paths in Architecture Urban Housing Studies in Nigeria
Exploration of arbitrarily shaped surfaces A modern burial concept for Romania - From vision to concrete
Papers on Open-Plan Attributes and Facility Space Design & Management Urban Form Through Residents’ Practices
Designing for Disaster Rehabilitative Housing in India An Ecological Residential Buildings Management
Housing Design Factors affecting Portland Brownstone durability
Cultural Morphology of Cityscapes: Earth Architecture in Iran
Looking North Architectural Acoustics
An architecture of meaning Social Production of Private Low income Housing in Ogbere, Ibadan
Light?Games in Our Cities Impediments of French Architecture Facades in Contemporary Buildings of Puducherry
Climatic Aspects of Spaces Architectural and Acoustical Evaluations of CEPA Shopping Center
Building Landmark, its Influence on Environment & Urban Spaces A Line In Motion
In Pursuit of Meaning in Urban Space Affordable Housing Provision Projects in Bali, Indonesia
The Synagogue in Subotica - Resurrection or Decay Design of a Recreational Center
Spatial Configuration And Functional Efficiency Of House Layouts Regenerating Chinese Cities
FTII Pune Spatial Organisation of High Court Buildings in south western Nigeria
Gated Communities in Nigeria Urban open spaces & crisis management
Disaster Relief: A Psychological Approach to Temporary Housing Design and Drawing For Multistoried Apartments
Designing a Liberal Arts University in New Zealand Nanoarchitecture and Global Warming
The role of modern architecture in luxury retailing History of Restoration in Iran
Understanding Change Mapping the Emergent Hybridities of Urbanism: New Spatial Praxis Types
Regularizing Informal Settlements for Sustainable Housing Development Spatial Transformation of the Waterfront
Housing and Infrastructure Improvement and Poverty Alleviation Daylighting Concepts for University Libraries
Handmade Houses for the Ex-Kamaiyas Restructuring urban post-war living landscapes
Accommodating Street Enterprises in the Urban Built Environment Sanitation for the Urban Poor in Bangladesh Cities
Facilitating green building Analysis of Pedestrian Behaviors and Preferences in Urban Environment
VISION OF NOTHING 3 Adaptive Reuse Projects
Re-visioning Sustainable Urban Housing in 2020 WITH PLACE LOVE BEGINS…?
Structural Consideration on Residential Building Design in Nigeria Information Technology in Urban Places
Borrowers, Bricoleurs, and Builders of Architectural Knowledge A NEW PROFILE FOR A FAMILIAR BUILDING
Al Masmaa'' - The Place for Listening Responsive and Interactive Environments in Museums
Environmental retrofit Regenerative Tourism
The Edge Environment in Traditional Cairo Home-based Industries
Sustainable Tall Building Design Delhi Gurgaon Expressway-Implication on growth & development
Integration and Interoperability of IT Applications in Construction A Holistic Approach to Historic Environments
Design of Puppet & Animation Studio & Theater A holistic yoga facility designed using yogic philosophies
Late Medieval Architectural and Micro-Architectural Drawings Art, Architecture and Humanism in the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth
Любимые блюда из рыбы и мяса Лучшие блюда из духовки
Узы чести Фараон
Владимир Набоков. Собрание сочинений американского периода. В 5 томах. Том 3 Interstitiality in Contemporary Art and Architecture
Rock-cut architectural heritages in Ethiopia and India Змеи и лестницы
Nouveau cours de langue anglaise Spontini: Schubert: Weigl: Halevy: Gine Biographie
Gerard Terborch Die Berghausler: Eine tirolergeschichte fur die Jugend
Quinze jours a Naples Fantome d'Orient
Зулейха открывает глаза Окружающий мир. 1 класс. Учебник. В 2 частях (комплект из 2 книг)
Математика. 4 класс. В 2 частях (комплект из 2 книг) Математика. Русский язык. 3 класс. Итоговое тестирование. Контрольно-измерительные материалы
Биология. 8 класс. Тестовые задания Математика. 3 класс. Зачетная тетрадь. Тематический контроль знаний учащихся
Управление трудовым коллективом Страницы из несожженного дневника. Рассказы
Солдатское утро. Сборник стихов Ретроспективный поиск технической литературы. Справочное пособие-путеводитель
Первый театр Станиславского Очень хочется жить. Рассудите нас, люди
Наноэлектроника: теория и практика Мир сказок
Ленин читает Толстого Комментарий к уголовно-процессуальному кодексу РСФСР
Коломенские чтения 2007. Сборник статей Информационно-вычислительные системы. Распределенные модульные системы автоматизации
Измерения оптического излучения в электронике Дипломатический протокол в СССР: принципы, нормы, практика
Дворец культуры у Нарвских ворот: эпохи, события, люди Методические указания по геологической съемке масштаба 1 : 50000. Выпуск 2. Геологическая съемка вулканогенных образований
Алая лента Wohn Raum Fibel
Die buddhistische Plastik Ceylons The determinants of portfolio capital investment
A Feasibility Analysis of Marginal Trading System Investors' Protection in the Indian Capital Market
The Effects of Price Limits on Bursa Malaysia During 2007-2008 Crisis Multinational Corporate Financial Policies
The changing role of commercial banks in Indian financial system Evidence on Stucture Conduct Performance Hypothesis
Islamic Banks and Financial Stability Financial Development and Growth in the CEMAC Zone
Forex and SME Basel II: Do Profits Matter?
Impact of Privatization on Companies Performance Internet Banking
Financial Development and Economic Growth in Iran Capital Market Efficiency
A Monetary Policy Rule: The Augmented Monetary Conditions Index Eligibility Criteria for Granting loans: Conventional vs Islamic Banks
Housing Finance and Banking Sector in India Non-Performing Assets and Public Sector Banks in India
The Nigerian Capital Market and Economic Development in Nigeria Internation portfolio diversification: The case of Balkans
Payment systems in the Republic of Kazakhstan Customer Switching and Banking Industry
Stock Price Puzzle Market Reaction to Stock Splits from 2007 to 2010
Mergers in India Malaysian Islamic Stock Market Index, Is it Profitable to Be Good?
European Capital Market Integration Foreign Institutional Investors(FII) and The Indian Stock Market
Macroeconomic Policies and Microfinance Services Delivery in Ghana Monetary Policy and its Transmission Mechanism in Jordan
Branch-wise Efficiency of Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd. Risk and Return of Equity Markets
Business Finance The Impact of Oil and Natural Gas Prices on Financial Markets Returns
Evolution of Capital Structure Choices for Effective Economic Gain Development Banks in Rural Social Change
Applying Behavioral Finance to Investing Analysis Of Financial Statements
Customer Care and Customer Satisfaction The Determinants of Corporate Capital Structure
Non-tariff barriers The Foreign Exchange Market and Its Features
Bank Liquidity Risk Management and Measurement Proposal of Automatic Credit Risk Evaluation
Fixed or Variable Spread Broker? From Preemptive Tightening to Preemptive Easing
Factors Influencing the Growth of Islamic Banks’ Assets in Indonesia Banks' Financial Intermediation and Economic Growth
News Mining Agent for Automated Stock Trading Efficiency in Commercial Banking
An Analysis of Financial Performance of Citibank, N.A. in Bangladesh Performance of Public Sector Enterprises in the stock market
Introduction to Non-Interest Financial System in Nigeria Fund Return Analysis
Stock market efficiency in Zimbabwe Financing Energy Efficiency In South Africa
A Model for Stock Price Prediction using the Soft Computing Approach Asset Allocation, Risk Management and the Variance Risk Premium
Banking Bill Vol. 2 Basel III measures and their impact on the global economy
Forex and Interest Rate Risk Management Portfolio Selection Approach for Efficiently Diversified Investments
Women Entrepreneurs in India- Slow Growth But Sure Success Portuguese analyst’s financial reports informativeness
Optimal Portfolio Analysis Living It
Comparative Study of ACH and ECH Greek Foreign Direct Investments In Balkans
Comparative Study Between Egyptian And Iranian Banks Efficiency Of Indian Banks
The Foundations of Islamic Economics and Banking Financial Inclusion: Urban Co-operative Banks & Credit Societies
The Impact of Financial Reforms on Economic Performance in Nigeria Study of forex in banking sector
Nigerian Deposit Insurance Cooperation In Banking & Fraud Prevention Environmental Risk Management and Banks' performance in Uganda
Credit scoring and its (mathematical) models Developmental Climate and Professional Excellence
Liquidity risk of banks in the Visegrad countries Eurozone Start-up & SME Funding via a Unified Capital Market
Use Of Hemant Kanade Style 1 Average In Technical Analysis Study Of Customer Satisfaction In The Banking Sector In Libya
Estimation of Bank Runs probability under DIS reform in Russia Financial Inclusion in India
Cost Benefit Analysis of Merger and Acquisition in India E-banking in India
Determinants of Entry in Banking Market of Malaysia Information Signals, Foreign Investment And Investor Confidence
Changing Paradigm of Indian Public Sector Banks Determinants of Trade Credit
NPAs in Indian Banks Frontier Markets: The Last Tide
Loan Securitization Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
Performance of open investment funds in Serbia Bank Fraud and Its Management in Ethiopia Commercial Banks
Impact of E-Banking on Commercial Banks' Performance Determinants of Bank Profitability
Methodological Opportunities of Quantifying Retail Mortgage Loan's LGD The Effect of Conservatism on Corporate Bonds and Cost of Debt
Banks M&As: Where can they go wrong Determinants of Agency banking in Mombasa County
Race to the Top - Winners & Losers in Banking Information Systems Audit And Security In Banking
Macroeconomic determinants of equity price in Pakistan MACD as a Tool of Equity Trading at the Karachi Stock Exchange
Liquidity, Momentum and Expected Returns in Equity Markets of Pakistan IFRSs in Indian Banking Industry-Challenges Ahead
The Daily Liquidity Effect in a Floor System General Banking of Prime Bank Limited
Diversification Strategies on Revenue Generation in Kenyan Saccos' Price Discovery Mechanism of Pepper Futures
Weak-Form Efficient Market Hypothesis Islamic Banking Efficiency
The Formulation of a Cost Estimating Model Roles And Challenges Of Bank Branch Expansion In Ethiopia
Profitability Analysis of Mergers and Acquisitions: An Event Study Performance And Sustainability Of Microfinance Institutions In India
Challenges Facing Financial Institutions in Marketing their Products Foreign Portfolio Investment in India
Sustainable Rural Finance Banking Sector Liberalization and efficiency Evidence from Pakistan
Basel III: Road to Resilient Banking The Acquirer and the Performance of Targets in Partial Acquisitions
Housing Finance in India Have IFRS Contributed to an Increased Value-Relevance?
Time Series Applications in Financial Economics Sarbanes-oxlex Compliance: Case Study Of “Beta Bank"
An Alternate Approach to Financial Inclusion of Muslims in India Importance of Equity Market for Economic Development in Bangladesh
Comparative profitability of the banks of USA with of Pakistan Evaluation of M&A on Investment Returns to Shareholders In Nigeria
Stock Markets Prediction Assessment of Money Markets in Ethiopia
Impact of Monetary Policy on Consumer Banking The Ball Game of Working Capital Management
Performance of Bancassurance - A Study of Select Banks Effect of Working Capital Management Policy on Firms' Profitability
Financial Reporting Practices Of Banking Companies In India Financial Development and Economic Growth: Of Causation and Efficiency
Applications of Asymmetric GARCH Models with Conditional Distributions Speculation on the Crude Oil Market
The Role of regulators in Capital Markets of Pakistan Estimation of VaR by Employing Economic News in GARCH models
The ECB?s monetary policy From Credit Growth to Credit Crunch
Impact of recession on Risk Management Systems in Nigerian Banks Are Investors Act Rational or Irrational?
Factors Affecting Implementation of Balanced Scorecard International diversification with focus on cointegration
Branchless Banking as a Financial Solution For Unbanked Poor Disclosure Practices in Indian Banking Sector
Music And Monetary Policy Principles of Islamic Interest Free Banking in Pakistan
Risk Management Practices of IFIs Vs. CFIs in Pakistan Financial Markets and Institutions in the 21st Century
Security analysis & Portfolio Management The Determinants of Stock-buying Behaviour
Agricultural And Industrial Finance Occupational Stress of Bank Managers
Australian Banks Performance During the Global Financial Crisis Consolidation and Financial Performance
Performance Evaluation of Merchant Banks in India Impact of Sentiment on Investment Decision
Risk analysis and Risk management in Banks Commercial Banks' Intermediation in Zimbabwe - 2009 to 2010
Interdependence between spot and futures equity markets Pricing Behaviour Of Financial Instruments
CRM practices in corporate banking Impact of organization justice to reduce conflict between employees
Macroeconomic Factors and Stock Return Reappraisal of powers and duties of National Bank of Ethiopia:
Soft and hard information in bank-firm relationships Customer Satisfaction in Islamic Banking System in Pakistan
Islamic Banking Financial Performance Evaluation
Valuation of Power in the corporate world Financial Distress
Non-performing Loans & Bank Efficiency of Conventional & Islamic Banks Style Drift Analysis of Hedge Funds
Merchant Banking in Indian Primary Capital Market during 1990-2000 Corporate Debt Market in the United States : Lesson for Bangladesh
An optimal asset allocation in a portfolio Formation & Evaluation of Financial Investments
November 2000 and February 2001 Crises in Turkey Capital Flight, Investment and Financial Globalisation in Nigeria
Project Finance and Measurement of Risk Performance Persistence and Determinants of Indian Fund of Mutual Fund
Improving Customer Service Delivery In Bank PHB Introduction to Bank Accounting
The International Accounting Standard 18: Revenue Recognition Risk neutral densities and the September 2008 stock market crash
Regional Rural Banks-A Comparative Study The Customer Satisfaction on Debit Card
Credit Default; Need for Financial Sector Credit Reference Services The impact of Microfinance services on clients in Addis Ababa
Islamic Banking and Finance: Future of the Financial World Order Determinants of Interest Rate Spread
Monetary Policy Transmission to Stock Markets Tinkering With Decimal Places
Futures Trading and Spot Market Volatility in India Efficiency of Conventional versus Islamic Banks
The Role of DCCBs in the Agricultural Development of India E-banking in India-Progress & Prospects
Banking Industry in the Global Perspective Capital Market Efficiency
Research on NPA Management Financial Regulations
Efficiency of Islamic and Conventional Banks in Bangladesh The Growth Of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance CO LTD Since Inception
Assets and Liabilities of Islamic Banks Behavioural Finance
Comparative Study of ARIMA & ANN Models Efficiency and Competitiveness of the Banking Industry of Bangladesh
Essays on Asset Pricing with Stochastic Discount Factors The effects of financial innovation on financial savings in Ghana

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